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Camera, camera on the wall, who has the most beautiful thing in the whole country?

From Oberstaufen to Sylt, from Hamburg to Munich, from the North Sea to the Alps: more than 100 feratel panorama locations already capture the diversity of Germany. Each of these locations is unique and, thanks to feratel's unbeatable media performance, is only a touch, swype or click away anywhere and anytime. But which camera location, which destination deserves the title and thus the status of the most popular panorama in Germany?

1. feratel Panorama Contest: voting ended

1. feratel PanoramaAward 2021

Winner PanoramaAward 2021

Category city land

Category city land

1st place: Dresden - Hotel Terrassenufer

2nd place: Passau - Veste Oberhaus

3rd place: Koblenz - Festung Ehrenbreitstein

Category leisure land

Category leisure land

1st place: Wernigerode - Brockengipfel

2nd place: Oberstdorf - Nebelhorn

3rd place: Bad Reichenhall - Predigtstuhl II

Category water land

Category water land

1st place: St. Peter-Ording - Badestelle Ording

2nd place: Binz - Seebrücke

3rd place: Tegernsee - Wallbergbahn

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