4K/Ultra HD camera models

MediaCam 5

The feratel MediaCam 5 is the strongest panoramic camera on the market and guarantees the highest image quality and maximum flexibility.

  • Resolution up to 32 megapixels
  • full 4K functionality, suitable for TV broadcasting
  • Controllable 8.4x zoom lens
  • Integrated Linux-based mini server
  • Natural coloring day and night
  • (almost) limitless panning and tilting
  • Excellent night shots with a natural image impression
  • Electronic image stabilization and defogging
  • Weatherproof and heated housing
  • Tour trips can be programmed
  • Real-time transcoding and content optimization
  • POI/Images
  • 360° panorama
  • MediaPlayer
    • ongoing automated content creation
    • optimal collaboration with feratel servers
    • perfect coordination between MediaCam and MediaPlayer


Only the best deserve the name FlyingCam: such as the DJI Mini 4 Pro. Can be used without a drone license, making drone flights in brilliant 4K quality child's play.

  • sensor
    1/1.3" CMOS / 48MP
  • Resolution & frame rate
    4K/60fps HDR
    4K/100fps slow motion
  • cover
  • 360⁰ panoramas
    Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance
  • Weight <249g
  • Max. flight time 34 min.
  • Max. speed 16 m/s
  • Max. starting altitude 4000 m
  • Max. wind resistance 10.7 m/s
  • Dimensions
    Folded (without propeller): 148 × 94 × 64 mm (L×W×H)
    Unfolded (with propellers): 298 × 373 × 101 mm (L×W×H)
  • steering
    DJI O4 20 km transmission at 1080p/60 fps

MediaCam 4.0 Spot / Timelapse

feratel MediaCam 4.0 Spot is an economical, yet powerful basic model that provides the most important functions for moving images in 4K.

On the other hand, experiencing a long day in a few minutes is unforgettable with the feratel MediaCam 4.0 Time-lapse. This is a modern network camera in a compact bullet-style housing (see Spot).

  • Resolution up to 3840 x 2160 pixels/4K
  • Frame rate up to 30 fps at all resolutions
  • Special P-iris diaphragm for optimal depth of field and image contrast
  • Zoom 3x optical zoom lens
  • Day/night functionality
  • Remote controllable zoom and focus function
  • Weatherproof housing with protective screen
  • Built-in bracket for mounting
  • POI/images 4K photos (Spot only)
  • MediaPlayer
    - ongoing automated content creation
    - optimal cooperation with feratel servers
    - perfect coordination between MediaCam and MediaPlayer

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