Ordinary cameras become intelligent sensors.

The video-based solution for access control and capacity limitation.

Simply. Quickly. Without staff costs.

Thats how it works.

ferSwarm uses data streams to record only those image data that are necessary for motion detection, counting and classification of persons. Based on these real time results, the corresponding communication visualizations (please wait, stop, keep your distance, ...) are automatically displayed on various output media (LED screens, digital signage systems, tickers, etc.)

Data protection compliant.

Video streams are immediately analyzed on the fly (i.e. during operation) by the software used. The results obtained from the data streams are extracted and passed on. Thus the data rate remains low and data protection is maintained. And as soon as, for example, the maximum number of people is reached, a traffic light or the display at the entrance switches to stop, for example. The customer thus knows that he has to wait. This way, necessary safety distances can be guaranteed or the number of customers can be monitored.


ferSwarm is a solution developed by feratel and the startup company Swarm Analytics,
which turns ordinary cameras into intelligent sensors


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