You want to generate greater range and expand target groups, always keep up-to-date, be authentic, informative and emotionally appealing.

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Inspire and win guests with feratel Panorama.

With feratel Panorama you can turn your guests' information needs into efficient advertising and increase your sales.

Your guest wants live information from your destination, either because he is about to make a purchasing decision (day tour, weekend trip, vacation) or out of interest in the weather, or simply because he likes the images. Weather uncertainty and the resulting shorter-term booking decisions contribute to the increased need for live information.

Behind feratel Panorama is unbeatable media performance and the latest technology.

Up to date information.

feratel Panorama always provides up to date and authentic information about the on-site situation. Additional information on events, contact options, weather data and forecasts complete the informative offer.

Maximum range.

The distribution network of feratel includes over 270 relevant online portals, Smart TV and HbbTV providers, streaming services, apps, intelligent assistants, feratel’s own channels and feratel webcams app, and what is really special: technical delivery to 17 national and international TV stations in Europe.

Flexible technology.

Different camera models, high-performance drones, modern servers, extensive data storage, current media players & our own digital IP directional radio network guarantee transmission security of the highest quality at all times.

The right offer for every requirement and budget.

Media package basic: preparation, hosting and media player – the ideal foundation for panorama images.

Media package premium: Amazon Fire TV, Swisscom TV, Magenta TV ... always be online.

TV package: panorama images on the leading no. 1 medium – the television.

AI package: use the distribution of the future now: “Alexa, show me panorama!”


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Tip: Panorama Unlimited.

See the destination from a new perspective: with the ingenious FlyingCam from feratel. In compliance with all legal requirements for unmanned aircraft, feratel enables TV-compatible transmission technology from the air with “unlimited panoramas”.

The right player for every window.

Everything out of the ordinary: the fully responsive media player from feratel takes functionality and design to a new level. Easy integration, sophisticated navigation, dynamic display and multilingualism are just some of the advantages that the MediaPlayer v4 brings.

The right HD/4K camera model for every option.

MediaCam 4.0 Timelaps

The ingenious time-lapse phenomenon

moving images in fast motion, best picture quality, high TV relevance, preview images, and much more

MediaCam 4.0 Panorama

Tour recording-capable TV expert

panorama panning, vertical and horizontal, harmonized zoom, route and time planning, 360°, electronic image stabilization, and much more


The special flight artist

high TV relevance, panorama panning, aerial photography, 360°, aviation support, remote control, and much more

MediaCam 4.0 Spot

The powerful basic model

inexpensive and powerful, secure hosting, moving images/video, photo function, optical zoom, day/night functionality, and much more


Moving images: TV program information.

As a technical supplier, feratel offers the basis for panorama images in the key medium of television. As a result, destinations receive special attention across all strata of the population and age groups.

Our TV cooperation partners & broadcasting plans

Use the potential of high-quality panoramas for your marketing, take your service to a new level and trust in the quality, experience and know-how of feratel, because we move images and people.

Get the feratel webcams app on your Smartphone or tablet:

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Cameras in 12 countries

> 460

Locations worldwide

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Millions of server queries every day

> 660

Millions views of panoramic videos 2020

> 3,7

Billions of hits on panorama content 2020

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