MediaPlayer V5

The fully responsive media player from feratel impresses with easy integration, well-thought-out navigation, extensive functions and more.

Stylish, modern, clear, user-friendly, and fully responsive: this and much more is the new MediaPlayer V5 - a perfect framework for high-quality panoramic videos. With new and improved functions, the player attracts attention and guarantees a user experience that has never been achieved before.


Clear overview.

Simple operation and clear display are the main strengths of the MediaPlayer V5. New and improved features offer a wide range of possibilities, with authentic and up-to-date live video always being the focus.

(1) Live video / (2) Menu / (3) Camera location / (4) 360° panorama player / (5) Time lapse - 48h / (6) Point of interest - 6 images / (7) Annual archive / (8) Regional leisure tips / (9) Ski & bike rental / (10) Time & date / (11) Weather / (12) Annual archive / (13) Top hotels in the region / (14) Fullscreen / (15) Social share / ( 16) Info text / (17) Logo / (18) Language selection

Full responsiveness.

The MediaPlayer V5 offers maximum flexibility on all devices. Particular attention is paid to the mobile display. The MediaPlayer V5 adapts seamlessly to the respective screen and impresses with its excellent usability: in both portrait and landscape format.


(1) Live Video / (2) Menu: 360° Panorama Player, Time Lapse, POI, Archive and more / (3) Time & Date / (4) Full Screen / (5) Camera Location / (6) Music - Mute / (7) Top hotels in the region / (8) Social Share / (9) Weather / (10) Info text / (11) Language selection


Multi lingual.



Unless otherwise defined, the MediaPlayer V5 adopts the current language settings of the browser used. The following can be set as the default language:


English / German / Italian / Bulgarian / French / Danish / Spanish / Catalan / Dutch / Czech / Slovak / Polish / Hungarian / Russian / Norwegian / Swedish



Easy integration.

Integrating the MediaPlayer V5 is child's play and possible in different forms. However, integration using HTML5 <iframe> is recommended. In order for all features to be displayed clearly, the player requires sufficient space (desktop: min.700x370px; mobile: min. 80vh and 90vw - optimal 100vw).


Whether as a mini preview, preview image with popup, preview image with slider or other variants: The MediaPlayer V5 is fully responsive and always creates a good picture.


Links to integrate the player are simple:


PORTAL GUID and CAMERA ID can be found together with the associated thumbnails in the usual overview pages to which every feratel customer has access. Additional parameters can be appended to the URL to determine the webcam, language, background music and more. If available, the 360° player can also be selected as the starting configuration instead of the live video.


Example: 360°Player

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