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Use digitalization as an opportunity: with the digital holiday companion, guests receive a high-quality information, service, sales and marketing tool including a mobile guest card, experience shop and online ticketing.

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PIA, the digital holiday companion: inspire guests at any time with custom-made information and offers from the destination.

Digital display for your destination.

Tailored to the respective period of stay and individual interests, the PIA puts the destination offer in the display of guest computers, tablets and smartphones. No time-consuming searching on the net, but individual and relevant tips and suggestions available on demand at all times.

Increase regional added value.

The PIA, Personal Interests’ Assistant, is an all-rounder: this multilingual app guides guests through the destination, is a direct communication channel between guest and host, knows all events, helps plan activities, enables online ticketing, increases regional added value and brings another significant advantage: more time for personal care of guests.

More service and guest loyalty.

The digital holiday companion goes beyond the usual customer journey and strengthens the appearance of the destination and its service providers. From inspiration to planning to information to communication, the PIA is always present. As a brand ambassador, it connects guests to the respective destination and raises service to a new level.

Upgrade to digital concierge.

With an upgrade, landlords convert the digital holiday companion into a full-fledged digital concierge and additionally push offers of their company or business operation (wellness, cuisine, sports, last minute promotions, guided hikes, etc.). Individually adjusted to the respective hotel or other accommodation facility, the PIA becomes a reliable digital employee.

More information at www.pia4you.com

benefits & functions.


events, routes/tours & destination info from A-Z

knows all live data from your ski area

serves as a guest card app with an integrated MobileCard

makes you want to have experiences (Experience shop)

provides guests with push messages


content tailored to the period of stay and the interests of the guest

data from Deskline® and other interfaces

presents the offer in a digital shop window

promotes additional sales

tips and suggestions on demand


present before, during and after the stay

can be christened with any name

integration of electronic reporting system possible

integrates guest card and online ticketing on request



PWA – today’s “must have”

hardly any additional expense for landlords

individualized and personalized

always in your pocket

stay in contact even after the stay

message center

direct communication with the guest

enhances regional added value

more time for personal contact with each guest


[Translate to English EN:] Stefan Fattinger über PIA von feratel

„ With Franzi, our digital employee, we can now inform our guests in a targeted and targeted manner. “

Vitalwelt Bad Schallerbach - Stefan Fattinger

„ All information always ready to hand before, during, after the holiday including a digital guest card. A clear plus of the PWA = first-class service. “

Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourismus

„ The jury: great solution for individual experiences, best management of visitors, economically brilliant idea, enables target groups to be served in a tailor-made manner. “

PIA honored at the eAward 2020 | ©leadersnet.at/ C. Mikes

„ With PIA, guests can find out about offers, events and infrastructure in advance. The guest can create a plan in advance which services / offers he would like to use. The HochkönigCard and the web shop can also be easily integrated. “

Dienten am Hochkönig - Bernhard Burger | Vermietercoach

Frequently asked questions.

What is the technology behind the PIA?

What is the technology behind the PIA?

The PIA is technically a Progressive Web App (PWA): no download from the App Store is necessary; it works independently of the device (Smartphone, tablet, desktop etc.) and updates itself automatically.

How does the PIA work?

How does the PIA work?

Guests open an automatically generated link, which they receive with the booking confirmation or as part of the guest notification or via a web form. Guests register – you thus receive the right to use the guest data – and quickly and easily add the link for mobile use to their home screen on their smartphone and your destination is already there.

How much does this cost for landlords?

How much does this cost for landlords?

There is no additional cost – landlords create a pre-registration as part of their guest registration via a hotel program or MeldeClient; guests then receive an automatically generated link to their personal digital holiday companion and can browse and plan immediately. Alternatively, the digital holiday companion can be provided manually or by guests themselves via the Web form (widget for destination and accommodation websites).

Can the digital holiday companion also have a different name?

Can the digital holiday companion also have a different name?

The destination or host names the digital holiday companion and uses it as a customer loyalty tool. This could be Lara, Harry or Paul, or your own icon or the destination logo.

What information do guests receive?

What information do guests receive?

Information that is individually tailored to the period of stay and interests. Thanks to the integration of content from the destination management system from feratel and various interfaces, for example to tour operators, an optimum of information services focused on the guest is also guaranteed. The digital guest card or experience shop can also be easily integrated.

What are the starting points after the stay?

What are the starting points after the stay?

According to the motto “stay in contact”, the tourism organization can also provide interesting offers from the destination at any time on the smartphone after the guest’s departure, in addition to conventional customer relation management campaigns (e.g., via newsletter marketing), and – ideally – inspire another trip.

What data does the PIA generate and for what purpose?

What data does the PIA generate and for what purpose?

The digital holiday companion is a real data broker. With the permission of guests, movement and usage data are collected and can subsequently be evaluated, analyzed and used for improvements in marketing – naturally the app is GDPR-compliant.

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