The new Deskline® online booking process is here. Based on the latest technology, it is modern and flexibly designed. And it is easy to integrate directly into existing websites.

The advantages Easy installation

Now everything can be easily booked online.

A new, even more user-friendly interface for the Deskline® destination management system.


All requirements of tourism
companies and institutions as
well as guests are taken into
account in a modern and
functional design.

Accommodation, experiences,
events etc. – all offers of a
destination – are easy to call
up and bookable online

Easily combinable,
modular structure

benefits & functions.


modern design

new design language: based on Google material design

can be flexibly adapted to your website design

fully responsive, optimized for mobile presentation


numerous customization options

more flexible, two-stage navigation

own navigation items can be activated

colors, fonts and sizes individually definable

URL path can be customized and mapped per language.


state-of-the-art technology

consistent, secure SSL transmission

better performance

always up to date due to constant further development


SEO optimization

all content accessible on your domain

content prepared in the best possible way for search engines

stars and ratings can be displayed directly in the search results


direct integration into websites

easy installation on your website, no linking required!

content can be called up directly on the website

cost savings: subdomains, headers, etc., not necessary

better usability and faster loading through One Page application

freely placeable widget solutions for shopping cart, booking form etc.

installation in own landing pages with teasers – text & images



individualized booking process per product with special fields/questions

new fields for better representations of, e.g., details

improved performance and product logic

better booking/product selection


connection with feratel guest card


As simple as that.

Deskline® TOSC5 can be easily integrated into your website

TOSC5 tag ID and organization code

In order to perform the installation, feratel has to create a TOSC5 ID (tag ID) for you in advance.
This tag ID contains all the rationale for what data should be displayed and how:

  • Point of sale (organization) and sales channel (e.g., Internet)
  • Design components (colors, displayed elements such as teasers, etc.)
  • Sorting, navigation, display of contact data, etc.
  • Business logic (payment options, travel insurance, etc.)
  • and much more...

In addition to the TOSC5 ID (tag ID), an organization code is required for the implementation.

The installation

As soon as you have ordered and received your TOSC5 tag ID from the feratel service/support team, you can start with the integration process.

The implementation offers many possibilities to manage the position and behavior of the TOSC5:

  • It is necessary to define in which element TOSC5is loaded onto the Website – e.g., between the header and footer
    Please note: the TOSC5 should be integrated into an element that takes up the full width of the page. Otherwise display problems may occur.
  • In addition, parameters can be transferred that are required, for example, for design changes, script integration and tracking mechanisms.

Sample code as supplied by feratel for the installation:

window.dw = window.dw || function () { (dw.q = dw.q || []).push(arguments) };
"lang": 'en',
"target": "ElementID"
<script async src=""></script>

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