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Expand your offering and generate more sales with the Deskline® voucher module.

Create and sell any theme/value vouchers directly in the Deskline® system.
Issue and redemption take place online or offline; all service partners can easily participate and benefit via WebClient.

The voucher module is designed as a multi-purpose voucher system.
No sales tax is due on the sale, as it is not yet clear for which product the voucher will be redeemed and at what tax rate.

Voucher creation.


The guest chooses the desired voucher template, the predetermined or flexible amount and can personalize the voucher by adding a dedication or text. After payment, the voucher is created as a PDF file and sent to the guest or printed out on site.


Structure of the voucher

  1. Image of performance
  2. Performance name
  3. Amount
  4. Voucher number
  5. Individual text (dedication)
  6. Text/legal information
  7. Validity period
  8. QR code or barcode
  9. Address & Logo DMO

Voucher redemption.

In the Deskline shop system

Payment with vouchers is possible for organizational collections and for payments directly to the voucher partner. Multiple vouchers can be used per transaction and can be redeemed in full or in part. The guest can redeem the voucher himself on the Internet (TOSC5), in the office via ExpertClient and in the guest portal.

On site

Vouchers can be redeemed by the service provider (voucher partner) via the WebClient. Each partner has their own menu item in the WebClient. The simple activation of this function via the ExpertClient allows it to be rolled out quickly to many voucher partners without additional costs for these companies.

Voucher administration.

Using a separate “Vouchers” menu item, any value/sponsorship vouchers can be created and generated in a wide variety of variations via ExpertClient. This is also where the point of sale is assigned or which voucher partners can be used to redeem it.

The voucher module includes its own function for billing vouchers - similar to booking commissions or reporting. As an operator, the DMO regularly and automatically invoices the partner companies by adding up the redeemed amounts for each partner. If necessary, a commission will be withheld and the difference paid out.

The advantages at a glance.

  • Diverse use in marketing (e.g. as a sponsorship/employee voucher)
  • Direct impact on cash flow and potential for unredeemed vouchers
  • Voucher variants possible (culinary, destination voucher, etc.)
  • Multiple voucher layouts customizable with your own images, colors and logo
  • Personalization of the vouchers with recipient and individual greeting messages
  • Sales online as Print@Home with online payment, on account or in the office (back office)
  • Issuing sponsorship vouchers for the destination
  • Easy maintenance in the administration area
  • Perfect overview of all sales and redemptions
  • Integrated billing function for partners
  • Offline (partial) redemption by entering code or scanning
  • All service partners in the region can be integrated

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