Business Intelligence

Smart data analysis for all Deskline® data – an analysis tool with added value.

The advantages

Strengthen the tourism added value of the destination with business intelligence and the intelligent use of data.

Big data smartly prepared.

With the analysis tool, feratel Business Intelligence (powered by kyubit), all data from feratel Deskline®, the reporting system and CardSystem can be sorted, analyzed and freely combined according to different dimensions. Thanks to functional dashboards, you always have an overview.

Learn more about customers.

Generate knowledge with high-quality analyses and use this knowledge to control the tourism business – analyzing means improvement.

Use knowledge to control.

Track the flow of money and the demand patterns of guests to improve advertising efficiency; manage guest flows and manage capacities based on capacity utilization; identify gaps in the offers with an understanding of the search behavior of prospective customers – and much more...

benefits & functions.


Data to information

Information to knowledge

Knowledge to strategy


Own analyses

Prepared analszes

Visualization in diagrams

Practical dashboards

Subscription function


Plan the future

Increase transparency

Increase efficiency

Control the business

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