The panorama board with magnetically movable LEDs.

Attention-grabbing visualization, flexibly structured and easy to use.

While in conventional panorama information systems the panoramas are plotted as a foil and laminated onto aluminum panels where holes are drilled directly for the individual LEDs, the new systems are designed in a sandwich style. Consisting of an aluminum backing, the LEDs can be freely positioned magnetically, with a high-quality textile display cover and laminated safety glass, set in a frame. Fastened to the backing of the panorama board is a foil that is also attached with magnets and this ensures precise positioning of the LEDs.


An extraordinary display cover.

  • Display panel
  • Silk-matt and smooth
  • Non-reflective surface
  • 200 g/m² low material weight
  • Maximum light transmission
  • High-resolution, color-intensive and detail-rich 6c print
  • Can be easily and quickly clamped into the frame without creases or folds
  • Lotus effect ensures condensation does not stick

Eliminates the need for drilling when making changes.

A single person can carry out the replacement on site in a short time: open the frame, replace the background foil, position the LEDs accordingly, clamp in the textile cover and voila: no drilling, no new production of aluminum panels and no time-consuming transport to the respective location on the mountain.


All from a single source.

feratel lives up to its reputation as a total solution provider and supplies all the elements of the new panorama system in-house: from a hand-painted panorama to magnetically movable LED lamps, which are manufactured using 3D printing.


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