Restart with the Ötztal Inside Card.

Ötztal is among the most popular overnight destinations in Austria. When tourism restarts, TVB Ötztal Tourismus will once again lead the sector when it comes to customer loyalty. With a new guest card integrated into the Digital Holiday Companion and linked to the Experience Shop, the Ötztal Inside Card offers a service with added value.

After booking, every overnight guest receives a link to the Digital Holiday Companion of their accommodation with an integrated guest card. Free of charge. The Ötztal Inside Card includes a variety of free services such as participation in seasonal events, exclusive price deals in the Experience Shop, inexpensive special offers such as mountain rescue insurance for the entire stay, offers for all kinds of sports, big discounts, and even free trips on local buses – and much more. feratel media technologies AG technically executed the card project.

The Ötztal Inside Card can be upgraded to the Ötztal Inside Summer Card during the summer months. In this way, guests can also use the summer infrastructure such as mountain railways, swimming pools and lakes, recreational facilities, museums, and much more. The upgrade is included from the end of May to the beginning of October at participating partner companies or can be purchased as a 3-, 7- or 10-day upgrade (directly in the Digital Travel Companion).

The motto of the new guest card is: find yourself in the middle of everything instead of just being there. During the period of travel, guests have the Ötztal Inside Card available round-the-clock on their Smartphone, integrated into the accommodation company’s Digital Travel Companion. The Digital Travel Companion, in turn, shows exclusive offers, services, events, etc., for the guest’s respective period of stay. This means that no information is too much, and no information is too little. In addition, the guest can book adventures quickly and easily in the Experience Shop, which is also integrated.

Guest cards are a part of the repertoire of successful tourism destinations. This is important because attracting guests and, above all, retaining them and increasing added value in the region are all key issues that constantly and continually confront tourism professionals. For years, those responsible for tourism in Ötztal have been relying on the guest card, a customer loyalty tool that includes numerous inclusive and discount services. What is new is that this guest card is now available on the Digital Travel Companion of the respective accommodation company and there is a link to the Experience Shop.

Although many regions have quantitatively and qualitatively excellent offers, the most attractive offer is of no use if the guest does not know how to take advantage of it. Professional bundling and marketing are key to success. The feratel solution ensures simple and, above all, efficient destination marketing. Ötztal has been relying on this for years. Whether the guest card is cardboard, PVC or mobile is of secondary importance. Concepts, services and technical implementation are essential to attract and retain new guests, while creating the basis for future strategy and marketing measures. This is exactly what you achieve with feratel’s card solution.


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