BayernCloud Tourismus project gathers speed

BayTM awards the contract for conception and development to the bidding consortium of feratel mediatechnologies GmbH/pixelpoint multimedia werbe GmbH. BayernCloud paves the way for extensive digital tourism offerings in Bavaria

Munich (BayTM, December 3, 2021). In the course of an EU-wide tendering procedure, Bayern Tourismus Marketing GmbH (BayTM) has awarded the BayernCloud Tourismus contract for conception and development to feratel mediatechnologies GmbH/pixelpoint multimedia werbe GmbH. Together with the software specialists, BayTM is now implementing the open data hub for Bavarian tourism. “Digitalization gives our industry the opportunity to respond even better and more flexibly to the needs of guests, thereby enabling them to have new travel experiences and new kinds of vacations. As the tourism umbrella organization of the Free State, it is our goal to actively shape the digital changes and support the tourism players in Bavaria in this major task, as well as to leverage existing potential. With BayernCloud Tourismus, we are paving the way for an extensive, digital tourist offering in Bavaria. We look forward to working with pixelpoint multimedia werbe GmbH, with whom we have an experienced and skilled partner by our side for this future-oriented project,” says BayTM Managing Director Barbara Radomski.

“The collaboration with Bayern Tourismus Marketing GmbH represents an important milestone for us, both in our company history and in relation to our vision of a world with accessible and structured data. From the first discussions, the spirit and will to reform was already noticeable in all the participants – precisely the spirit that successful projects need from the start. Thus, we are looking forward to this ambitious and exciting project with full motivation and we are one hundred percent convinced of both the approach and the material itself,” remark managing directors Bernhard Winkler and Rainer Egen with satisfaction.


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