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With this intelligent solution, service providers and guests are offered convenience and security in the fight against COVID-19.

It is annoying to always have to re-register and re-enter the required data. myVisitPass offers convenience and security for guests and hosts.

A clear goal.


More security for guests, locals and businesses - with a digital guest registration that is easy to use, does not require a great deal of additional work for businesses, is GDPR-compliant and independent of technology. Access by the authority with immediate possibility to contact in the context of a COVID case while avoiding public naming of affected companies and destinations.

mVisitPass Contact Tracing
effizientes Contact Tracing mit myVisitPass

A simple logic.


All necessary information is stored in the code, which the guest carries digitally or in print. An operational data storage is therefore not necessary, because the data prescribed by the authority can be stored depending on the regional setting or, in the case of holidaymakers, transferred from the registration system to the passport (first name, telephone, email, address, ID data).

A pass for everyone.

Whether automatic issuance with guest notification, online issuance via the destination website and municipality website or issuance directly in / by the respective company (scan QR code, employee app): the myVisitPass is the ideal solution for registering holidaymakers, locals and day visitors.

QR Code zur Kontaktnachverfolgung

What can myVisitPass do?

A smart digital guest registration.
Flexible and scalable.

Flexible and scalable.

  • Depending on the regional setting, data prescribed by the authorities can be stored or, in the case of holidaymakers, transferred from the registration system to a pass (first and last names, telephone, e-mail, address, ID data)
  • Mobile pass & print options
For guests and locals.

For guests and locals.

  • Automatically issued with guest reports for each vacationer – including by guests themselves during online check-in or pre-check-in, through operations via web client
  • Issued online in advance via the destination website & community website – for locals and day visitors
  • Issued in operation during self-check-in (scan QR code during processing)
  • Issued by the operation (employee app)
Flexible registration.

Flexible registration.

  • Self-registration by guests with mobile myVisitPass
  • Self-registration without “myVisitPass” using a mobile phone and scanning the operation’s QR code
  • Scan the myVisitPass code (mobile or print version)
  • By guest at scan terminals (with or without a hub)
  • Registration by employees using the CheckVisit-APP
  • Optional with document scan and data transfer
Maximum data security.

Maximum data security.

  • The myVisitPass contains all necessary information exclusively in the code, which guests carry with them (mobile or print)
  • No data storage necessary
  • The data is only read from the code and registered in the central server upon arrival
  • NO access for the service provider
  • Export of the data by the operation at the request of the authority (encrypted csv file) or, depending on the legal situation and project and operator settings, direct access can also be set up by the authority
  • The transaction (arrival/departure) and personal data are deleted 28 days after the transaction date


benefits & functions.

All in.

Includes all functions of classic scanning solutions: QR code creation per zone/table, self-scan by guest, forwarding of registration to authorities, GDPR-compliant, automatic deletion, etc.


Practical visitScanApp function for the operation (no download necessary!)

Digital recording of all guests possible, including guests without phones

Scan of myVisitPass codes (mobile and printouts)

Total solution.

myVisitPass also for locals and day guests


Automated myVisitPass issuing for all guests from the reporting system

Pass with legally required data possible for each guest

Pass always includes all possible guests from a registration à joint registration

Data from the reporting system prevents abuse from the use of fantasy names


Destination branding myVisitPass

Solution for interested service providers by means of WebClient access

Can also be used across destinations

Self-check in.

Mobile self-check in by guest, also without QR code scan


Tourismusverband Oststeiermark vertraut der digitalen Gästeregistrierung von feratel

„ myVisitPass is a great solution for guests and easy and efficient to use for businesses. “

Chiara Raith, East Styria Tourist Association

A selection of satisfied myVisitPass customers.

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