Ordinary cameras become intelligent sensors

feratel launches ferSwarm, a video-based solution for access control and to limit capacity

The new product "ferSwarm" is the answer to current challenges such as controlling access and limiting capacity in connection with COVID-19 prevention measures.

The innovative video-based access control system called ferSwarm can count people in real time, simply, quickly and without staff costs in mountain stations, lift stations, cashier areas or even in public places like the entrance and exit areas of swimming pools, beaches or other outdoor facilities.

"feratel, together with the start-up company Swarm Analytics, transforms ordinary cameras into intelligent sensors. Whether the number, distance, gender or age of the person(s), the stored algorithms based on artificial intelligence make automated evaluation in a data protection-compliant manner possible", explains feratel CEO Markus Schröcksnadel about the new product solution.  

Storage of relevant pixels

ferSwarm uses data streams to record only those image data that are necessary for motion detection, counting and classification of persons. Based on these real time results, the corresponding communication visualizations (please wait, stop, keep your distance, ...) are automatically displayed on various output media (LED screens, digital signage systems, tickers, etc.)

Data protection compliant

Video streams are immediately analyzed on the fly (i.e. during operation) by the software used. The results obtained from the data streams are extracted and passed on. Thus the data rate remains low and data protection is maintained. And as soon as, for example, the maximum number of people is reached, a traffic light or the display at the entrance switches to stop, for example. The customer thus knows that he has to wait. This way, necessary safety distances can be guaranteed or the number of customers can be monitored.

" ferSwarm offers a high benefit, on the long run, in form of visitor flow or target group analyses. Developed for automated access control and capacity limitation, feratel supplies the hardware and software for this purpose, plus already existing hardware (cameras/screens etc.) can be easily upgraded," says Markus Schröcksnadel.




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