Finding solutions: A practical example

feratel media technologies impresses with experience, know-how, innovation, quality and service. Solutions to challenges are found together with customers. A practical example.


The Almliesl agency manages over 100 holiday homes, chalets, apartments and mountain huts and uses, among other things, the feratel information and reservation system. Almliesl also manages its customers’ advertisements on If accommodation is booked there, the online booking portal mentioned forwards reservation confirmations or invoices to Almliesl, which lists all costs incurred and incurred by the guest. Almliesl, in turn, only passes on the room costs to their landlords. Additional costs will be billed directly to the respective accommodation. Until a few months ago, Almliesl had to maintain all advertisements on individually and, above all, manually. A very time-consuming activity.


An interface tailored to the agency's requirements: The feratel team further developed their LOS (Full Length of Stay Pricing Interface) and made individual adjustments specifically for the Almliesl agency in order to simplify processes, maintenance and, in particular, billing. The result:

  • Great time savings.
  • Easy maintenance and integration of existing entries.
  • Improved workflows and reduced workload.
  • New rental properties are connected via the Content API.
  • Prices and bookings are recorded in real time.
  • Accommodations can be booked earlier.
  • The risk of overbooking is minimized.

“Since we have been working with the interface, we have been able to offer more accommodation via, which of course also has a positive effect on our occupancy. We have already put 15 new advertisements online because creating, maintaining and blocking them is now very easy and time-saving. Since prices and bookings are displayed and imported in real time, Almliesl accommodation can now be booked much earlier and there is no risk of overbooking.”

Statement Team Almliesl


Listen, understand, find solutions – a credo that is lived at feratel. “Our success depends crucially on the success of our customers. With intelligent and individual solutions, we provide support where it is right and important. The concrete example once again underlines one of our company’s core competences: We always find the right answers to complex questions,” explains Markus Schröcksnadel, CEO feratel.



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