Burgenland Tourismus and feratel: digitization pioneers

Unique in Austria is the new state-wide digitization that extends across all tourism levels in Burgenland, from business operations to regional organizations –complete solutions from feratel make it possible!

The Austrian Province of Burgenland has the first extensive digital reporting system that is legally anchored in a standardized system. Based on this, the Burgenland Card is also the first all-inclusive Austrian card for an entire federal province that is offered year- round. Burgenland Tourismus Managing Director Didi Tunkel notes: “The goal was to digitize as many steps in guest management as possible under one umbrella. Ultimately, everything from the presentation of the offer to guest notification to the Burgenland Card should be operable from one system.”

The system, an all-in-one solution from feratel, includes an information and booking system, electronic guest notification, guest card and digital holiday companion in perfect interaction. “State-wide digitization across all tourism levels, from business operations to regional organizations, is unparalleled and is unique in Austria and probably in the entire German speaking DACH region. With the standardized Deskline information and booking system and the extensive introduction of electronic guest reports with online check-in, guest cards and digital holiday companions, Burgenland is undoubtedly playing a pioneering role. Guests, service partners and those responsible for tourism in the Burgenland benefit in every aspect. feratel is very pleased to be able to digitally support this innovative step and to be part of this flagship tourism project”, remarksBernhard Taurer, Director of the feratel Service Center.




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