Moving images in 4K – feratel’s camera models are the latest trend. With the launch of the 4.0 series, feratel is jumping on the current ultra HD bandwagon and is relying on a renowned manufacturer in the AXIS company. Complementing the feratel expertise in programming, the new generation cameras also ensure the tried-and-tested standards: within a few minutes, the livestreams in the entire feratel media network are present on TV, on connected TV via apps, online and mobile.

>> feratel MediaCam 4.0 Panorama

>> feratel MediaCam 4.0 Spot

With the FlyingCam, we go a step further by putting your panorama in the air: the new flyover shots give a completely different perspective of your region. We guarantee you TV-suitable flights in HD quality along with timely transmission to all other media.

>> feratel FlyingCam

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