Panorama Online

Nothing conveys emotions like moving pictures. They trigger emotions, and decisions are very often based on emotions. Especially in the online sector, users prefer video content. It used to be ‘Content is King’, now it is ‘Video content is King’. Top on the list are live videos of the highest quality. It increases both attention and dwell time at the website. 

Live videos in high-definition wrapped in an attractive web-media player make sure that your panoramas are perfectly presented across the entire online sector. We are not presenting idyllic postcard images, but rather authentic live images with user relevant content on more than 300 pages and so create the perfect online performance for our clients.

This web-media player is a very efficient online marketing tool as it can be easily integrated via iFrame, it can be navigated in 16 languages and its display changes automatically depending on the available size and adapts responsively ('autofit').

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