Online Services

Internet Modules

feratel Deskline® internet modules are freely definable and configurable internet applications to be integrated into the destination website or its partner sites. These links or rather deep links allow plenty of options to personalise the site.

These applications are available in 13 languages - fixed data and navigation have already been translated.

Maximum flexibility with

  • Colour and icons
  • Navigation options
  • Combining several links in one link (additional service and room     search etc.)
  • Showing/hiding various fields for search and filter
  • Pre-setting sorting function
  • Configuring query processes (hotel, destination, query pool, etc.)
  • Configuring booking processes (types of booking, types of payment etc.)
  • Configuring address forms (which fields, required fields, password yes/no…)
  • Defining arrays (regional, client-based, content-based)

Accommodation index – provider presentation
The region’s accommodation providers are described in detail (image gallery, descriptions, location/site/how to get here, rates, contact, link to website, further links, offer packages, room/apartment categories, availability calendar, amenities) – optional "available", "bookable" or "bookable on request".

Room search/vacancy
Quick search – standard search – extended search

Query management
General direct query to company – specific query to company per service, specific booking query to the destination, query pool

Online booking
Room/apartment (direct booking or booking on request), booking through shopping cart, packages, additional services, article (shop), last minute

Detailed description of events completed by image gallery, dates, description, contact, links, how to get here/location/site search and listing

Subjects, infrastructure facilities
Detailed description of service providers completed by image gallery, description, contact, links, how to get here/location/site
search and listing


Deskline® Search-& Booking Engine

For installation into private company home pages.

Accommodation providers can certainly use this Internet Booking Engine (IBE) on their private websites. That is the purpose of the Deskline® Search and Booking Engine (search/booking link).

This "search and booking engine" allows guests to directly access rooms/apartments/hotel packages/additional services, to check availability, to review the offer or to make a booking on the accommodation provider’s home page. The guest may use the following services: access to free rooms, apartments and hotel packages incl. detailed description, services/products optional to be booked directly or on request, location plan and route calculation function, availability calendar, search and book of additional services

Data and Booking Interfaces

Deskline® 3.0 Interface (DSI) in form of web services caters for the complete and individual representation of the destination content or the provision of data for other applications/systems.  It can also be combined with the link system.

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