This electronic client card system by feratel facilitates a professionally networked destination management as well as a homogeneous offer and a strong brand.

feratel GuestCard is an efficient instrument to win over customers. Bundles of services, which are individually designed by electronic guest cards, are the best way to present the offers attractively, to show the guests the wide array of offers, to attach guests to the region and to learn more about their travel and vacation habits.

feratel offers a comprehensive solution. All components and modules needed for this card project, such as software, production process, reading devices, frequency measuring, monitoring, invoicing, registration integrating, data hosting (server and database operation) and data clearing are provided by one source without additionally having to use complex interfaces.

Depending on the requirements, feratel offers tailor-made solutions for any destination - from local card to large-scale projects. This module-based system is intended to produce and support various types of cards and models for one project; several clients can be managed.


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