Data management

The core of our destination management system is a central database operated by ASP (Application Service Provider), which enables holiday destinations to manage all services/information. Data maintenance is carried out by the tourism organisation via ExpertClient (back office tool) as well as by the affiliated service providers via a so-called WebClient (online maintenance tool) or HotelGateway (interface to hotel programme/link PMS and channel management systems).

feratelDeskline® 3.0 is completely multi-tenant and scalable at will. All data on clients, service providers and products are managed by only one pool and are made available as needed at the individual fields for clients, booking and companies. This data structure may, for example, generate one single address file of the whole region and a detailed evaluation of all tourism organisations. On principle, there is no pre-definition for a local or decentralised regional concept. In the admin area of the client structure it is possible to implement or set any concept or parameter.

Offering and marketing are separated so that it is possible to individually manage and use products, rates, availability, booking conditions, descriptions and pictures for every sales channel (channel, affiliated partners, business case).

With this Client/Server technology (ASP –Application Service Provider), destination management organisations do not have to operate separate servers. Moreover, the data is perfectly serviced and updated for all sectors.

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