Card Software

The software of feratel CardSystem is based on an open and flexible technology. It controls role management, card issue, monitoring and clearing as well as customer relationship management (CRM) and reporting.

All applications include extensive user and partner administration features. Important “roles” (e.g. provider, member, point of sale, service partner/services, client/user, point of acceptance) are managed by the card software.

Depending on the accounting model, it is possible to calculate the capital required per service partner fully automated. Additionally, an invoice including the list of frequencies used during the accounting period can be issued. The system includes master statistics, downloads, analyses and assessments which can be individually extended and limited by filters.

Statistics and assessments are based on real-time data. The CRM module comprises detailed analysis of the frequencies performed. Therefore, detailed analysis according to service partner, services, point of sale, point of acceptance, community/region and accommodation provider can be generated.

The production software of feratel CardSystem is strictly a web application.

Various hardware components are used depending on card type and medium. The card can be generated in real-time (incl. barcode) via "direct printing" irrespective of the printer type used and immediately handed over to the guest. Card production/issue is either carried out by "electronic guest registration" through feratel MeldeClient / MeldeGateway (interface hotel programme), by an existing electronic visitor book solution or directly by the card software.

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