Engagement Marketing with User-generated content

Holidaymakers very much base their choice of vacation destination on recommendations of friends and relatives. HelloSpot provides you with an easy and efficient approach to generate as many vacation reviews as possible about your destination and to use them optimally in your destination marketing and brand management.

HelloSpot enables high quality User-generated content in a sufficient volume and always referring to your brand, which turns in a perfect marketing tool for your destination. Holiday impressions are displayed on your website as native content and shared in social networks where backlinks always refer to your website, making it more attractive to visitors and search engines. Hence, the profile of your guests and their friends are permanently associated with your website.

HelloSpot provides a digital contact to your visitors and enables an interactive dialogue with your guests during their stay – a great advantage for optimum service and ideal brand management.

› HelloSpot Backoffice for the administration of spots, deals and User-generated content

› Mobile website to capture holiday impressions

› Integration into your website (optional: webservice) with deeplinks per spot, service provider or other linked content

› Backoffice access for deal-providers

› Analysis of eligible spots and design of activation signage

› Trainings


Learn more about HelloSpot: hellospot@feratel.com | Phone +43 512 7280 1440