ONLIM Deskline® Edition feeds Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

“Voice-controlled digital assistants provide new opportunities for tourism companies regarding guest services and are an essential trend of the future,” Markus Schröcksnadel, CEO with feratel media technologies AG, is convinced of feratel’s participation in Firma ONLIM GmbH a few months ago. Now they have launched their first common product on the market: ONLIM Deskline® Edition, making, for instance, relevant tourism information about the destination available on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in natural voice.
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ONLIM Deskline® Edition is a software platform, which facilitates the automated creation, administration and distribution of contents to chatbots and intelligent personal assistants (IPAs). Tourism-related data, such as points of interest, events, infrastructure and weather or hotel information are made readable for voice recognition via the platform right from the feratel Deskline® Content Pool.

First movers like Seefeld, Mayrhofen Hippach or Wilder Kaiser are using this product and are now in the position to offer both automated and personalised communication 24 hours a day.  “This software not only increases the communication efficiency but also saves time and costs and also opens new digital sales channels,” Schröcksnadel points to the advantages.

“Developments in this sector are very important for the tourism at home as well as abroad.  More and more people use voice-controlled devices to organise their holidays and leisure time. With ONLIM Deskline® Edition we are launching a product that refines chatbots and IPAs with valuable information for the tourism sector; it will considerably form service and dynamic of the client communication“, says Alexander Wahler, CEO with Onlim GmbH.

The software will be offered as Widget for websites, as Facebook Messenger Bot as well as link to Amazon Alexa. As of the beginning of 2018 it will also be available for Google Assistant.

feratel is a well-established technology provider for the tourism sector. Around 4,000 destinations in Europe are working with Deskline®, the destination management system by feratel. Onlim is the specialist for automated client communication via social media, chatbots and artificial assistants.


Be part of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

The wonder car K.I.T.T. from the legendary Knight Rider series used to be for David Hasselhoff what intelligent assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are for us now. They answer your questions, especially the ones of your guests.
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Wouldn’t it be great if Alexa answers questions about special points of interest, events, infrastructure or the region’s weather? These aren’t dreams of the future anymore with Deskline ONLIM® Edition, but a Christmas gift for your guests.

Our solution makes relevant tourism information about your destination on Amazon Alexa und Google Assistant in natural voice available.

What for? More and more people use voice-controlled assistants and organise their holidays and leisure time with the help of such devices.  This trend is part of the future and it’s this trend that will decide where the tourist of today checks in tomorrow. 

For more information about automated guest communication for tourism organisations please contact ph. +43 512 7280-1424 or send an email to marketing@feratel.com


Live-Panorama Stream to Make the Right Holiday Decision

Anyone planning a day skiing or a winter vacation, usually asks the most important questions beforehand: What’s the weather like? Is there any powder? How about the pistes? Are the lifts open? This questionary could go and on, but one fact still remains the same: information needs to be up-to-date and authentic as it’s the basis of any decision made by holidaymakers.
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Live panorama streams meet the people in front of their monitors and provide a current, authentic and live impression of the ski resort. Webcams are, therefore, one of today‘s most reliable source of information and advertisement and are an important decision-making tool.  

The Best Webcams – The Best Information

To capture ski resorts in HD and Ultra High Definition (4K) and to broadcast these images on all digital media and devices is one of the key competences of feratel media technologies AG. 

Live panorama streams are accessible anytime at www.feratel.com . Visitors to this site do not only get authentic images, but also current information on the weather, snow and piste conditions, events or the best hotels of the region.